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Parkland SM150 Slitter Rewinders

The SM150 Slitting Machine (Series I & II) is a popular choice for full width slitting of a wide range of films, laminates, label stock and paper and is available in two versions. The entry level, Series 1 model is for simple medium speed slitting requirements; it combines versatility with effective web control, while the Series II offers high speed performance. All models in the range offer exceptional versatility without compromising accuracy or reliability. Easy thread-up and fast reel change add up to reduced downtime and greater productivity.

Main features:

  • Standard models up to 2000mm web width
  • Up to 1200mm diameter unwind reel
  • Rotary shear, razor and/or crush cut slitting
  • Push button pneumatic knife engagement (Series I and II)
  • Variable speed DC or AC drives with PLC control
  • Duplex centre driven rewinds with cantilevered shafts
  • 610mm or 800mm diameter rewind reels
  • Lock bar and/or differential rewind shafts
  • Automatic unwind and rewind tension control

Options include:

  • Regenerative motor driven unwind
  • Shaftless unwind (Series I and II)
  • Vacuum trim extraction equipment
  • Digital/automatic knife positioning
  • Reversing rewind drive
  • Laser rewind core positioning system
  • Unwind and rewind reel loading equipment
  • Splicing table with pneumatic clamps
  • Adjustable pneumatic lay-on rollers
  • Oscillating trim winders


  • Versatile
  • High performance
  • Accurate
  • Reliable
  • Reduces operator handling

If you are interested in our SM150 Duplex Slitting Machines and would like more information, please contact our sales office on 0161 762 9737 or email